Santa Tom's tips on making the most of a visit
or photo session!

Rule #1: Plan ahead!
Rule #2: See rule #1.

Sounds like an old joke but it's not really. Especially when dealing with small children a wee bit of forethought can go a long way.

The following tips are for both visits and photo sessions. A good Santa will have a "visit" with or without a photo session. After all, that's what it's all about isn't it?

A good Santa will never make promises nor does he 'need' your child's full name or address. If Santa's  coming to your house, you give him the address.

A good Santa is usually surrounded by good help.


You can assist in the following ways:

A simple note to a sharp Santa can go a long way.

Walk your children by Santa a few times, let them wave, make eye contact. Allow them to familiarize themselves with Santa. Bring them by several times if you need. Place yourself in their shoes, you tell them to avoid and be wary of strangers and then you basically toss them onto this big guy's knee, in a funny suit, with a big beard and step back. Now remember that the little one is standing there in front of Santa and he's still two times taller than them sitting down. At least with visits there is no pressure to have the children sit on Santa's knee, so if they're not ready, don't force it. Santa can visit just as well with the children standing in front of him.


Although the following may seem negative, it's sole purpose is to enhance a positive experience.
Thank You!

Please respect the rights of others to a pleasant visit or photo:

Most Santa's will play to the crowd about them the best they can. Santa's first priority though is his present visitor. This visitor has gone through all the proper channels as well as waited through a possibly long line. Please try to refrain from or allowing distractions. Many photo re-takes are created by eyes looking somewhere else or over exuberant children wandering onto the set out of turn. For those parents with frightened children, one very simple or innocent distraction could ruin the one chance they had at a decent photo. Just because they charge for photo's doesn't mean your child can't have a visit with Santa. Any reputable set up will have this available at no charge.

Now this should go without saying:

Please blow your children's noses and wash their hands before setting them on Santa.
Children with soiled pants should be taken care of first. Not only is it uncomfortable and a question of hygiene, colours run and could potentially ruin a very expensive Santa suit. At the very least cause a lengthy uncomfortable interruption.

Do not bring food or drink with you to your visit. Santa can't afford the time to go change caused by spills, not to mention how unpopular you would become for creating a lengthy line-up.

As much as I hated to bring up this last part, it's more common than you might guess.

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