Santa Tom's Suits & Accessories Closed for the Season
For serious Santa's and Mrs. too!

Our 2016 line is being greatly expanded in both the Santa line as well as the addition of Mrs. Claus costuming, gift bags and Santa casual wear.

Primary materials will be Velveteen, Satin and Lace. Fur & trims will vary upon availability and requests. You will be able to choose your styles along with your options adding accessories as you wish. Pricing will vary accordingly. Prices listed for clothing are base prices and each outfit requires a quoted price per your requirements.

We will be happy to look at any ideas that you would like made for yourself along special materials and accessories. Please ask. Our goal is to make for you a quality outfit of your choosing.

The suits and items you will find here are for the serious that wish to enjoy the ultimate in quality and authenticity. If you've made the decision to go all out in your transformation into the Santa realm you've undoubtedly discovered that as well as the preparation, poor imitation just won't do.

All items originate in Canada and can be shipped most anywhere in the world.

Suits    Robes    Dresses    Vest    Windbreaker     Boots   Breathing Tube     Tummy Pad    Gift Bags    Pyjama/Pant    Ball Cap    Storytime Video 

Christmas Stories with Santa -Edition Two - Now Available

 *Sample is being hosted on you tube. It is small and may appear a little dark. The copy available for purchase is the high quality full sized version including all six stories.

Due to demand Storytime with Santa went into full studio production to become "Christmas Stories with Santa". Same great stories, same authentic Santa now with true high quality video and audio values. Being able to make use of a studio and team Santa is able to put more energy in the story and be more entertaining to the viewer.

Read by the one and only, yours truly... Santa Tom! Classic stories for the young ones in your household. Primarily for children but with such classics even adults will enjoy hearing them again and again.

Reading is a key to knowledge. Impart on your children the value of reading by having Santa provide a good example.
Allow them to enjoy read stories as part of an art that was once enjoyed by children as common as is now a video movie or video game.

  • 6 Great Stories
  • Approx 30 min running time
  • Kept simple yet entertaining so it can be watched over and over again
  • Full Studio production

Please enjoy this sample. Has been drastically reduced for the web and is very dark.

Enjoy Christmas classics read by Santa fireside that will have young and old watching it over and over again.

Help bring back the art of story time by bringing it right into your home.

Order this soon to be Holiday classic, you won’t be disappointed.


DVD $10.00 Only!

$4.95 S & H

Interested in carrying this video in your store? Volume pricing available.

Interested in carrying this video in your store? Contact for information.

Custom Suits - Made your way or pick from various styles and options. Priced accordingly. 
                                            Click pictures for further details and selections.

Custom Robes - Made your way or pick from various styles and options. 
                            (Deciding on how and where to wear your robe will play a factor in collar, sleeve, lining, fabric and fur choices)


Mrs. Claus - The first of the Mrs. Claus line  

11-16-03-007-800.jpg (139409 bytes)    12-15-03-006-800.jpg (77879 bytes)

Santa Vests - One example of what can be available

P1006914.jpg (140652 bytes)    P1006917.jpg (137535 bytes)



Santa Red Windbreaker  - Perfectly simple and comfortable

06-18-04-002.jpg (94248 bytes)    06-18-04-003.jpg (91935 bytes)    08-04-04-042.jpg (94629 bytes)

Santa Ball cap - Visor for the Mrs.

Here is the new style as promised. A real nice color red ball cap with adjustable strap and Santas Across the Globe logo. A visor is also now available in Cranberry with Santas Across the Globe logo and adjustable strap. Both are very comfortable. Name embroidered on back is extra.



For my own family I've had each of their nicknames stitched onto the back of each hat & visor as shown. Simple names can be added to your own for an extra charge or you can have it done at your own local shop.

If you'd prefer a different color please advise in advance - minimum order of 6 may be necessary for alternates. Hats are embroidered in multiples for best pricing.


Gift Bags

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A or B C D F          G H
$73.95  $69.95  $73.95 $79.95 &  $69.95 $73.95

New! White or Red, same sizes, options and pricing as Velveteen gift bags.

White bag.jpg (147780 bytes)

Tasselblacksmall.jpg (29254 bytes)
    Tasselbluesmall.jpg (24557 bytes)    Tasselbluegreymed.jpg (37046 bytes)    Tasselwhitemed.jpg (30701 bytes)

Tasselgoldlarge.jpg (39888 bytes)    Tasselredlarge.jpg (27443 bytes)    Tasselgoldblacklarge.jpg (40955 bytes)

Tasselbluesilverlarge.jpg (35745 bytes)    Tasselcoralgreylarge.jpg (32956 bytes)    Tasselbluejutelarge.jpg (36348 bytes)    Tasseldkgreenwhitelarge.jpg (33121 bytes)

Ex Large
Tasselgoldexlarge.jpg (45095 bytes)    Tasselgoldblackexlarge.jpg (44498 bytes)    Tasselbeadedexlarge.jpg (46275 bytes)

RGWbraidedtrim34.jpg (42149 bytes)


Ladies Satchel

P1007064.jpg (55417 bytes)

Tummy Pad - Made from quilted Christmas pattern and available with optional pockets for keys, breath mints etc.

P1006706.jpg (150693 bytes)    P1006711.jpg (151047 bytes)

Pyjama Pants - Comfortably casual    

06-16-04-004.jpg (179675 bytes)    06-16-04-002.jpg (148530 bytes)

Leather Boots - These are tricky and very hard to find appropriate styles within a reasonable budget. 


  Click here for more info
rw001.JPG (100442 bytes)
Santa Biker Boots

Breathing Tube

bt001.JPG (57175 bytes)


Mrs. Claus or Elf costuming can now be ordered. Pictures to follow soon.

Furs presently available are:

All items dependant on availability. Please do not wait till the last minute.

*Golf shirts may be ordered in larger sizes and alternate colors. Larger sizes do cost more for me to purchase as well quantity pricing starts at 12 units hence the varying prices for special orders. Because of our unique logo and limited clientele it is not feasible to stock multiples of colors and sizes and therefore results in a wider pricing range and possible limited availability at times.

Payment Options - Cheque, Money Order or PayPal. Personal cheques will be held for a minimum of 10 working days for clearing. Deposits required for custom orders.

Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!
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