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I have to admit that this is the most fun I've ever had, it seems a shame to call it work.

Known Around the Okanagan. Recognized Across the Globe!

You Will Believe... Again!

Santa Tom's large 6', 255lb build fills a suit quite well and using my own natural hair helps add to the reality. Yes, that really is my real beard! This years new suits and beard promise to be the finest yet. Old fashioned red velvet, gold braid and the finest fur trim available. Full leather belt and real leather boots, not just mere boot covers, along with velvet gift bag finished with a gold braid and tassels have been a really big hit. The one outfit that got a lot of attention and appreciation this year was the Father Christmas style robe. The beard you're seeing in this 2001 photo above (left) is only 5 to 6 months growth. Shaved off clean and started new Christmas eve, the new beard for 2002 is the above center photo at 11 months. At the one year mark within the hour my beard was measured at 9". Not bad for a year! On the right you see the result of approx. 7 1/2 months of color experimentation as well as one of the custom suits.

Mrs. Claus and our Elf are as authentic as it gets too. Yes she is my Mrs. and yes, the elf is ours. Not only do they have as much fun as I do, they're really easy to work with too. We know each other well and are able to use gestures and signals un-noticed by the wee ones making things just that much more fun.

For me playing Santa is kind of a natural role. If there's one thing I love to do, it's tease, and what I've found is that it has given me an uncanny ability to have a lot of fun with the kids and adults alike. Now of course you wouldn't 'tease' kids when they meet or visit Santa, but it does sharpen ones ability with a believable storyline. Working with Mrs. Claus again has been a real pleasure and I know how much she loves being along and greeting all the children. Having four kids of our own gives a good working knowledge of many Christmas stories along with some quick answers to some pretty interesting questions that come up. Mr. & Mrs. Claus are both  exceptionally comfortable with newborns and persons of  special needs.

Over the years I've portrayed Santa a few times here and there. Each year as I become older it gets to be more fun and seems to be more fitting. The beard and tummy get larger, the suits get better, the act is tweaked just a little more. 2001 was my first year as a paid professional Santa where I was given the opportunity to work along with some others at Orchard Park Shopping Centre, the Okanagan's largest shopping mall. As well as the mall I appeared at several schools, preschools, daycares and private functions, all with great reviews. 2002 I became the exclusive Santa at Orchard Park Shopping Centre and have been honoured with the front page of the Kelowna Daily Courier both years along with a very cute customer each time. 2002 also saw Santa Tom featured on the Okanagan Now Show with Kelly Abbott on CHBC. 2003 & 2004 again on Okanangan Now with Sandy Dawson. 2003 & 2004 Santa Tom was fast becoming the sought after Santa of the day being flown to Vancouver for personal visits. 2005 Santa was brought in once again to beautiful Vancouver to help with the St Paul's Hospital "Light's of Hope" hospital lighting with the honor of being able to present over $150,000 in donations. $100,000 of this was from one anonymous donor. Yes one!

With great pleasure Santa Tom is often the exclusive Santa. This means that each time you and your children visit the they will see the same Santa. No confusion for the younger ones when Santa "doesn't quite look the same today". If you're getting photos done and you can't bring your children on the same day or time, no problem, same Santa, same Mrs. Claus, as authentic as it gets.

It's apparent that the media seems to favour Santa Tom somewhat as well. Now there is no way to not have this sound like a bit of bragging but the truth is I'm very honoured and somewhat humbled by all the attention. For you parents however, the more place your kids see the same Santa, the more realistic and authentic he's going to be for them.

Santa Tom and his helpers are constantly perfecting the role and the image in a quest to become one of the best Santa experiences ever.

A note worth mentioning
Santa Tom and Mrs. Claus were both Foster parents. What this means for you is that as well as being familiar with children and people with special needs. Positive criminal records checks can be provided at your request and expense.

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