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To be a part of a specialized organization of gentlemen spreading good will across the globe following the tradition of St. Nicholas of Myra set so many years ago.
To share in the fraternal aspects and educational goals of likeminded individuals.
To know you're in the good company of other real bearded Santas.
To become the best Santa you can be while sharing, learning and being in the know of what's going on in the world of Santa.
To continue this honorable tradition that brings forth such a positive in humanity.

What's it all about?

Established August of 2007, the Fraternity of International Real Bearded Santas came to be with the intention of gathering together real bearded men that portray the image of Santa, Father Christmas, Pere Noel, Sinter Klaus, Kris Kringle and other common names of the guy maybe best known as the big guy in the Red Suit that shows up around Christmas time. Many people have different images of just who Santa is and what he stands for including those of us who portray him every year. By gathering together in a group we not only share the camaraderie and all that comes with it but we get to learn from one another about the different aspects, traditions, wardrobes, venues, etc. By fostering relationships between like minded people we can concentrate on how to improve what it is we do while gaining lifelong friends all across the globe.

Why is it only for real bearded Santas?

While our group is limited to those who portray Santa with their own natural beards it is in no way an indication of exclusion. Real bearded Santas are somewhat unique in that we look the part all the time and are often recognized as such. Through our daily lives looking the way we do many things happen that are interesting to real bearded Santas that we have in common. Although many of us would not be where we are or look the way we do without the help of at least someone it is the real bearded aspect of the character that we are gathering together to discuss.

Where does my money go?

First of all the labor and effort part of the organization is currently volunteer. All time and effort is contributed by everyone at no charge or intent thereof but there are things that do cost money and will cost in the future. Dues are to cover those aspects while also being able to bank a portion to be used for the group as we grow.

Some things that the dues will be used for:

  • Certificates and membership cards - the first 25 members (paid) received a special founding member certificate in addition to their annual membership certificate

  • Printed Newsletter

  • Postage

  • Printing

  • Laminating

  • Domain name registration and renewal

  • Web home

  • Organization name registration for banking and tax status

  • Legal and other consultation fees

  • Advertising

  • Benevolent Fund

  • Future luncheons and conventions

Other items that dues may be used for:

  • Money in the bank for deposits when it comes time for get-togethers

  • Templates for printers, logos etc

  • Promotional materials for Santas

  • Educational materials and courses

  • Purchasing bulk items for Santas

  • Donations to charities - Children's, disaster relief etc

  • Scholarships

  • Future benefits to be determined - Individual liability insurance?

  • Possibly at some point FIRBSantas would be able to validate a Santas credentials and become a qualified referral service. This would definitely require some serious legal representation and insurance for the organization

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The right to use the logo as per written policy for its proper usage.
I believe we can use the Code of Conduct and condensed version that I wrote and Santa Barry condensed even though it has been adapted by another organization.
At some time we'll likely also require a background check so as to be able to use our credentials to promote ourselves as professional Santa's and a willing to show it type attitude.

"Persons listed on this website may be available for services in your area.  FIRBSantas offers no expressed or implied warranty on the performance of these people and strongly advise that you conduct your own research before hiring any person who will be working with children."

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