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Fraternity of International Real Bearded Santas Logo Use and Retention Policy and Information

Subject to change without notice


Our logo has been created and given to us subject to the following considerations and obligations:

Rachael Lloyd, the designer of the Fraternity of International Real Bearded Santas logo grants to the Fraternity the full and exclusive use of the logo as of November, 2007, with three categories of exceptions listed below. It is my intention that the Fraternity be able to use the logo to promote its identity free of charge, for any honorable purpose, including the freedom to make money from the logo for the use of the organization. I, Rachael Lloyd, do not wish any compensation for the logo, or to participate in any of the normal promotion and use of the logo for the organization. I wish only to retain the right to claim it as my intellectual property and identify it as a personal creation in order to further my artistic career through inclusion in my portfolio.


The logo can only be used by the Fraternity to promote the positive traditional image of Santa as a generous, honest, loving older male, who relates to children only in a non-sexual way. The logo cannot be used to promote Santa in any overtly sexual way at all, or to portray Santa as vulgar in speech or action. Neither can the logo be used to portray Santa as hostile, mean, foul-mouthed or combative.


The use of the logo can be rescinded should an unjust change in the leadership of the Fraternity occur. In the event of a hostile takeover the parties seizing control of the organization forfeit any claim over the logo and its exclusive use and ownership reverts back to Rachael Lloyd. The logo may be used freely by the current leadership or any subsequent leadership that is achieved in an orderly, fair-minded way.


The Fraternity may charge money for items that use the logo in any decent way as long as the profit does not go to a single individual, but benefits the organization as a whole.


It is the intention of Rachael Lloyd that the Fraternity hold this logo in perpetuity, whether her husband, David G. Lloyd, is a member of the organization or not. The use of the logo can be withdrawn totally by Rachael Lloyd only if the organization misuses it in any of the ways described above. If any unfortunate event, such as described above occur, while she is incapacitated or deceased her husband, David G. Lloyd, can act in her behalf.

The logo(s) are subject to the following policy regarding its use and availability to members:

The logo(s) identifying the Fraternity of International Real Bearded Santas are available only to current members and no other use or display is permitted without prior written consent prior to use or display. Useage and display are subject to the following:


  • Non-members may not use or display in anyway any logo(s) trademarks or otherwise belonging to the Fraternity of International Real Bearded Santas.
  • Current members in good standing agree to the above and the following policies:
  • Former members reliquinsh all rights to use or display any logo(s), trademarks or otherwise belonging to the Fraternity of International Real Bearded Santas.

Logo(s) remain(s) the property of the Fraternity of International Real Bearded Santas

  • Must be a current member in good standing.
  • Permission my be denied or recalled at the sole discretion of the Fraternity of International Real Bearded Santas.
  • Useage and permission is not transferable.
  • Members may copy, print and display logo(s) on business cards, stationery, personal and commercial websites and other member advertising electronic or print.
  • May not be used on clothing or other articles without prior written consent.
  • Absolutely no display or reproduction for commercial useage or promotions without prior express written consent.
  • No license or grant may be presumed.
  • Not for sale or resale use.
  • No alterations permitted. Approved files are provided.

Persons found in contrary to the above may be subject to dismissal and/or legal action.


Santa Tom Kliner - Kelowna, BC

Owner/Moderator SATG
Owner/Moderator FIRBSantas

This page last updated October 30, 2015


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