Fraternity of International Real Bearded Santas

Welcome to the Fraternity of International Real Bearded Santas  aka: FIRBSantas

The Fraternity of International Real Bearded Santa's has been created for the Gentlemen that portray Santa throughout the year with the good fortune to grow their own natural Santa beard.

The message board and website are open to the public to view but you must be a member to participate. All postings must be relevant to the nature of this group by being Santa or Christmas related. 

Please join my friends and I in helping to shape and continue this fine worldly tradition.

Santa Tom Kliner
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Mission Statement

The Fraternity of International Real Bearded Santas has been established to enhance the fellowship, knowledge, growth, and enjoyment of the portrayal of Santa Claus and his many namesakes (Pre Nol, Father Christmas, Sinter Klaus, etc.) by gentlemen across the globe who are privileged to wear and maintain their own real beard throughout the year.  FIRBSantas, as an organization and as a fraternity of like-minded men, will be a place where one can draw from the experiences of others, thereby increasing the joy given to children regardless of age, in every encounter. In as much as these gentlemen are recognized everyday of their lives as Santa this fraternity will be dedicated to the uniqueness of being a Real Bearded Santa.

"Persons listed on this website may be available for services in your area.  FIRBSantas offers no expressed or implied warranty on the performance of these people and strongly advise that you conduct your own research before hiring any person who will be working with children."

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Founded July 28th, 2007